March 22 - 23, 2018

California Water Policy Conference 27: Water We Gonna Do?

UC Davis Conference Center
Davis, CA

The annual California Water Policy Conference is excited to be returning on March 22 & 23, 2018 to the UC Davis Conference Center in Davis, California. As the premier venue bringing together water leaders representing agricultural, environmental, urban, environmental justice, government, and private sector constituencies and perspectives, as well as interested individuals from the general public, the conference provides a unique forum where attendees can inform and be informed through active dialogue.

California’s water management challenges continue to intensify. Climate change will exacerbate the numerous underlying stresses and strains impacting water delivery systems throughout the State, which already have most active constituencies screaming. Like the drips and drabs falling from a melting ice cream cone, the flexibility and capability to successfully manage the often conflicting demands of water supply reliability, environmental management, species health, water quality, social equity, headwaters, and water rights, is evaporating with as yet unknown but undoubtedly serious ramifications for California, its economy, our quality of life, and the State’s extraordinary aquatic and water dependent ecosystems.

Join us at the 27th California Water Policy Conference where we will discuss the issues, hear various perspectives, and participate in a conversation with those making and shaping California water policy.

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April 25, 2018

Watershed Day at the Capitol

Sacramento, CA

The California Watershed Network is pleased to announce the lineup of speakers for the 2018 Watershed Day at the Capitol on April 25th!

  • Steve Moore, Vice-Chair, State Water Resources Control Board
  • David Bunn, Director, Calif. Department of Conservation
  • Tanner Kelly, Co-Founder and President, Generation Change
  • Gerald H. Meral, Ph.D., Director, California Water Program Natural Heritage Institute
  • Alfredo Arredondo, President, Priority Strategies

We are excited to bring such an experienced group together to fill our morning in the CalEPA Klamath Room with knowledge! The afternoon will continue our annual trek to the halls of the Capitol and visits with legislators and their staff.

Registration is open. Spend the day with us!

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